NCS tell national associations/federations to align with government's Vision 2040

National Council of Sports (NCS) has advised should has National sports associations/federations to strategic development plans.

Onyik said that there is need for the associations/federations to secure partnerships, institutional frameworks, and have clear technical development enhancement programs.

Onyik also advised the associations/federations to first support themselves before they can seek government support.

He was addressing presidents/chairmen and general secretaries of the associations/federations in the country.

Onyik advised some of the national sports associations to stop depending on NCS funding without an effort on their own financial obligations on their respective mandates.

He was today (Friday) speaking at National Council of Sports workshop for national sports federations and associations registered with government held at the Indoor stadium at Lugogo.

Onyik said that NCS expects federations and associations to develop and work with strategic development plans aligned to National Development plans of Uganda and vision 2040.

Below is the chairman Bosco Onyik’s speech verbatim    


The Guest of Honour,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With great pleasure and honor, I wish to warmly welcome you all to this important workshop organized by National Council of Sports [NCS]. I also take this privilege to extend my sincere appreciation on behalf of Council, Staff and on my own behalf to appreciate all your support in the sports development in Uganda over the years.

Mandate of NCS

Distinguished guests, the mandate of NCS are clearly enshrined and outlined in the NCS Act of 1964 and Statutory Instruments No. 38, 2014 [Rules and Regulations] viz: To develop, promote, and control all forms of sports in Uganda in conjunction with all National Sports Associations [N/As].

I wish to inform you that at the present there are 39 recognized and registered National Sports Associations/ Federations with NCS. All these N/As are expected to organize and manage their respective sports disciplines while NCS plays its cardinal role of supervision and as a regulatory authority.


I wish to observe that Government supports NCS annual budget to the tune of UGX 3.4bn paid in four quarters, while NCS internal revenue stream is appropriately UGX 1bn annually raised through hire of NCS properties and gate collections from hire of sports facilities. Suffice to note that this amount of money is inadequate to support all activities and other programs of NCS. The ideal budget of NCS stands at UGX 80bn hence need for N/As to generate their own income.

It is therefore evident that one of the most critical challenges before us all is to become more proactive and innovative to be able to mobilize financial resources to support various sports activities and development of the sports sub-sector. NCS is optimistic that government of Uganda in the FY 2018/2019 will improve on the annual government subvention to try to augment these funding gaps for the benefit of us all.


NCS has embarked on the re-development of NCS sports complex into a modern state of the art sports complex under the PPP framework. The project main focus is an investment mix that will trickle in sports development in terms of classic sports facilities and also target increased revenue stream for NCS and government of Uganda. These projects will commence soon. This is one of the many strategic direction NCS has embarked on among others.


Government of Uganda through MoES is in the final bend in fast tracking the PAS 2017 and NCS hope that these efforts once concluded will positively change the legal regime and framework for government funding and overall development which will further a sustainable platform in promoting overall development in the sports sub-sector and economy of Uganda.

Strategic Planning

It is now a policy of Government of Uganda for all Ministries, Department, and Agencies of government (MDAs) to have strategic development plans aligned to National Development plans of Uganda and vision 2040. NCS strongly believe that all NAs should have strategic development plans to help enhance fast-tracking strategic sports development in the various sports disciplines in Uganda. There is need for NAs to have concrete youth structures, create partnerships, strong institutional frameworks, and clear technical development enhancement programs among others to enable Uganda achieve its major objectives in the sports sub sector overall development. NCS support to NAs shall be guided by strategic investment, planning as benchmarking best practices of government.

Global Challenges of Sports Federations

World sports are faced with a difficult challenge of reconciling the traditional values of sports with growing commercial interests such as Television and sponsorship. NCS implores all NAs not to be victims of their own successes but should keep pace with Government in terms of legal, economic and political environment before they act by signing binding agreements which may be contested with serious consequences. The autonomy of NAs and the government role should be appreciated within the institutional and legal regime of government of Uganda.

Good Governance

The statement of ‘Good Governance’ of NAs should be upheld as the hallmark of best practice. NAs should adhere to principles of good governance in the running of their activities. Sports are based on ethics and fair competition and therefore the governance of NAs should fulfil the highest standards in terms of transparency, democracy [elective practices] and accountability. NCS is confident that respecting these standards will be for the benefit of sports and NAs. They will also help to prevent outside intervention and also strengthen NCS mandatory role of supervision and as a regulatory organ of government to the benefit of all stakeholders mainly clubs, athletes and sportsmen and women must remain our ‘core business’.


I would like to sincerely thank the Guest of Honor, the Ministry of Education officials, NCS staff and all NAs for their concerted efforts to build capacity in our sports setting to improve capacity in sports administration and development in Uganda through participating in this workshop. These efforts and open debates will improve our experiences and promote good governance practices and make all of us embrace sports as a business and part of our everyday life and enable Uganda attain its National Development Plans.

Lastly, I implore all NAs to comply with the policy framework, guidelines, rationale, and development tools attained in this workshop to enhance and further more effective and efficient service delivery in the sports sub-sector in Uganda.

I thank you all.


Mr. Bosco Onyik


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