NCS, FUFA and UOC meet Natonal Taskforce on new sports bill

FUFA officials and members of the Taskforce

FUFA, Uganda Olympic Committee and National Council of Sports met the National Taskforce for Physical Education and Sports bill that is gathering ideas for the new sports law in the country at the NCS boardroom today.

FUFA president Moses Magogo, his CEO Edgar Watson, the legal officer Denis Lukambi and UOC Secretary General Dr. Donald Rukare, NCS assistant general secretary in charge of administration Dr. Benard Ogwel discussed proposals with members of the National Taskforce.

In their presentation to the Taskforce, UOC and FUFA proposed among others that the current law is obsolete requires changes to suit modern sports development in the country.

The proposals also target government to fully take over sports in terms of improvement of sports infrastructure in the country and funding for federations/associations and national teams.

FUFA’s proposal includes a call for government to pass stringent laws against matchfixing and gambling in sports in country.

Last week FUFA president Moses Magogo came out to emphasise that sports in Uganda especially football requires modern laws that should support the industry develop instead of stifling it.

The taskforce composed of government officials, legal practitioners and legislators will continue to gather views for the bill.

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